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Is flu treatable? Most people with flu have mild illness and do not need medical care or antiviral drugs. Antiviral drugs can treat flu illness. Antiviral drugs are different from antibiotics. Flu antivirals are prescription medicines (pills, liquid, intravenous solution, or an inhaled powder) and are not available over-the-counter.
How quickly do flu symptoms start? Flu symptoms usually start within one to four days after infection. Unlike a common cold, the effects of an influenza virus infection can come on very suddenly. The first signs of the flu are often a fever or chills, accompanied by headache, sore throat, dry cough, runny nose, muscle aches, and fatigue.
How long after flu can you get pneumonia? With influenza pneumonia, for example, someone may become sick as soon as 12 hours or as long as 3 days after exposure to the flu virus. But with walking pneumonia, a person may not feel it until 2 to 3 weeks after becoming infected.
Is Tamiflu effective after 3 days? Among all children receiving oseltamivir within 5 days of illness onset, researchers found that overall flu symptoms were reduced by one day compared with those treated with placebo (3 days versus 4 days). Antiviral drugs are NOT a substitute for getting a flu vaccine.
How can I boost my immune system to fight the flu? 4 Ways to Boost Your Immune System & Stop Sickness in its Tracks Start taking a supplement. Zinc, selenium and vitamin D are known for boosting the immune system. Eat foods with certain nutrients. Being malnourished is one way to hurt your immune system. Cut back on hand sanitizer. Yes, hand sanitizer is known for killing germs that cause illness. Drink more water.
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